Anybody in San Diego?

we’re going to be at a boutique show in La Mesa tomorrow from 9am-3pm.┬áIt’s at the La Mesa Community Center: 4975 Memorial Drive.

We won’t be in there with our stuff, but It’s a good opportunity to see it all in person (and feel how soft the fur we use is). And buying in person means no shipping costs!

Also, it’s free to get in, which is always rad :)

It’s been thumbkin mania over at Mostly Monsters HQ.

In case you didn’t know, our thumbkins are made from re-purposed gloves!

When we make our Zombie Glove Babies, we cut off the thumbs (so our little girls don’t have an extra limb), and put them to good use by making something from them - THUMBkins.

(That’s why thumbkins make such great pets for zombie babies!)